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What kind of chemical should be sprayed on commercial property?

Updated: May 18, 2022

When it comes to eliminating targeted pests, there are few treatment options that can rival fumigation. Reaches where sprays, aerosols, dusts, and other chemical treatments cannot. Resolves extensive issues quickly. It destroys pests at all stages of development, from eggs, right up to adult insects. Fumigation does not require a lengthy process of inspection, processing and monitoring. It's like pressing the reset key on pests. But what makes fumigation often the perfect solution for commercial properties is the way it is applied in sensitive environments.

Suffering from flour infestation or grain beetles?

This is a frustrating pest problem to deal with. These insects get into everything, and applying pesticides to those food products will make them unacceptable for consumption. Because fumigants are invasive and leave no residue behind, they target the invading pest directly without harming the affected product. Whether you have a giant warehouse, one-box cart, a barge, or a warehouse that needs remedial, fumigators are the right tool for the job.

Is it your job to protect antiquities made of wood?

When termites or wood-boring insects infest antique items, you need a pest control method that goes deep into those items without damaging them. Fumigation is scalable to address small issues like these. While large tents are usually associated with fumigation, this method can actually be deployed on a much smaller scale to process items as small as a single book. In fact, fumigation is ideal for pests that infest books.

Does your industry work with pharmaceuticals?

When you need a biological disinfection service, fumigation is the answer. The gases used will kill the tiny bacteria, leaving no residue behind. The areas that are cleaned are not only available for all uses once treatment is complete; this method of treatment meets the regulatory requirements of the Food and Drug Administration.

When you need a quick and effective solution to your commercial property that will keep your business in compliance with all government regulations, fumigation is often the best solution. If you need help deciding whether fumigation is right for your problem, make an appointment to visit one of our professional pest control technicians.

6 Benefits of All Natural Pests for Your Commercial Property

There is so much discussion about keeping annoying and dangerous pests out of residential homes that it's easy to forget that commercial pest control is just as important. After all, your business has a good reputation and has a responsibility towards the care and safety of your employees and visitors. The smartest companies have already switched to using organic pest control, and so should you.

In recent years, often due to the trend of "going green", the use and popularity of all types of natural pest control has increased. Today we are going to discuss some of the benefits that you will get when using this improved method of getting rid of pests from your commercial property.

Better for the environment

It's no secret that there has been a huge push over the past few decades to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. In addition to recycling and reducing electricity use, people have also been urged to eliminate the use of chemicals unless absolutely necessary. By choosing a commercial pest control company that uses organic methods, you are doing your part to "go green" and help the environment.

Keep employees safe

Simply inhaling chemicals is not safe for anyone's health. Even when you are careful and inform employees that pest control chemicals are used, they can still come into contact with a harmful substance. With organic pest control, you don't have to worry about residue lingering on surfaces, getting food in, or other such issues. This also helps protect the customers and other visitors.

Natural pest control does not harm air quality

Indoor air quality has become a hot topic because millions of people across the country and around the world suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. If you've ever sprayed a package of insecticide in a room, you already know that no matter what's on the label, you'll smell it for a while. Since all natural pest control does not use any harmful chemicals, it can be used around the office and not harm indoor air quality.

Will not damage property

Chemicals can be harmful when left on the wood and other surfaces, especially if you make their use a habit. They may cause discoloration or start eating through the protective layer covering certain surfaces, which can make the area look unsightly. Since organic pest control uses all-natural materials, it is completely harmless to your property.

Keeps landscaping safe

If you are like most business owners, the landscaping outside your property plays an important role in its appearance. Spraying dangerous pesticides around your trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs can cause them to wilt and die. As you may have guessed by now, all natural pest control methods are completely safe for organic matter and other parts of your landscape.

Stop chemical resistance

Insects are similar to humans in the way they pass on certain biological traits to their offspring. If you spray chemicals on an insect and that insect survives, its body may develop resistance to that particular chemical. This resistance would pass on to her offspring, making it more difficult to kill future generations. You don't have to worry about these using all-natural materials.

Improve your business reputation with natural pest control

Whether your business is in an office or a fast food restaurant, it is important for your reputation to prevent insects and other pests. While your patrons likely won't know that you are using all-natural methods of pest control, they will realize that your place is clean and free of pests. This is a great way to build a respectable reputation.

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