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Should you use a bed bug heat treatment for a hotels room?

Updated: May 18, 2022

Why do hotels love bed heat treatments?

· Bed bugs are difficult pests to control because they are very good at hiding in small cracks and crevices.

· Modern bed bug populations are also highly resistant to the insecticides used to control them. Because bed bugs

· Difficult to access, our pesticides do not work as well as like them to, homeowners and pest management

· Professionals are looking for new ways to kill bed bugs inside the structure.

· Heat is known to be a very effective killer of bed bugs and can be used in many different ways to treat an infestation.

· For example, heat in the form of steam can be used to treat bed bugs in carpets, behind baseboards, and on upholstery

House furniture

· Hot dryers and portable heat chambers can be used to kill bed bugs in infested household items. Larger

· Thermal chambers can be used to process furniture, while professional heating systems can be used to process entire rooms

· And structures.

· Heat treatment offers certain advantages when it comes to sleep

· Error management. Heat is non-toxic and can kill all life stages of bed bugs

· Including bed bug eggs. However, the heat treatment of any kind (except

· Your home clothes dryer) is relatively expensive and has no residue

· (Long-term). Less residual activity means that bed bugs

· It can reproduce again the day after treatment.

Often talk about bedbugs as a residential problem. Bed bugs are most commonly discovered while traveling, and many homeowners and families inadvertently bring in bed bugs from wherever they've been staying, causing them to start infesting their property.

But the implication there is that there are hotels across the country that are struggling with bed bugs, and we already know that's true, especially in areas with more visitors like Vancouver, California, Whistler, and others in British Columbia. Bed bugs are on the rise, and so is the number of short-term accommodation properties you find in their rooms.

The necessity of treating bedbugs

Hotel bed bugs are an urgent and urgent problem. Not only does it affect guest satisfaction - which in the age of online reviews can be harsh for a business - bed bugs can also spread to other rooms quickly, exacerbating the problem in no time at all.

Hotel rooms are an ideal environment for bugs where a large number of people pass through and because the beds and walls of hotels and hostels allow for ample hiding spaces.

There are also plenty of places in a hotel room where bedbugs can hide besides the bed itself, such as:

· front panels

· panels

· electrical outlets

· chairs and sofas

Furniture and other objects near the bed, such as bedside tables, can also be ideal hiding places for bed bugs. This is why: getting rid of the mattress you've seen bed bugs on won't stop the infestation because they are very small and are excellent at hiding.

Benefits of heat treatment for hotels

Heat treatments work because bed bugs cannot tolerate temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit for very long. This is true for both adult bed bugs and their eggs. But for hotels, in particular, heat treatments are very effective and are a preferred option compared to alternatives, such as pesticides. Hotel benefits include:

Complete - Every inch of the room is processed, not just where bed bugs can be easily seen. Heat treatments are able to penetrate walls and small spaces, so bed bugs hiding in visible cracks will still hardly be killed.

Universal - Bedbugs are also fungal pests that know to escape when they feel threatened. But heat has been known to slow bed bugs' movements, reducing the risk of them running away. Bed bugs cannot avoid heat as with only sprayed chemicals, and since bed bugs cannot be immune to heat as they are to chemicals, there is a greater guarantee of success.

NO CHEMICALS - The lack of traditional pesticide chemicals is beneficial for those who are allergic to them. This is important for hotels, as they usually don't know if guests have sensitivities.

Speed ​​- It only takes a few hours to complete the heat treatment, no need to wait to get back on the property. Most hotel rooms can be rented on the same day.

Heat treatments are some of the most effective and efficient bed bug treatments, especially when combined with other preventative treatments such as the use of external insecticides.

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