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Want To Pass Your Pest Control & Termite License Exams?

With Smart Pest Tech’s ONLY Online Cram Courses, You Have Everything You Need To Prepare Yourself For The Exams & Thrive

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Smart Pest Tech has been featured on many News Platforms!!!

Coach Will explains the Ownership Route with your Pest Control License!!!

Coach Will explains the Management Route with your Pest Control License!!!


"Coach Will was very knowledgeable and was able to help me with my decision making"

Chad B.

Make Sure You Succeed In Your H.P.C. & W.D.O. Exams

If your pest control license exams are around the corner but don’t feel ready or want extra support, Smart Pest Tech’s cram courses are the professional assistance you need to ensure optimum results.


The ONLY Online Pest Control Cram Course

Smart Pest Tech’s crash courses are the only online option available on the market. Leverage its valuable information and easy-to-follow format to enhance your knowledge and get your license exams with 100% confidence!

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Counting Money

Budget-Friendly Cram Courses

Most cram courses in person, usually start at $500 and UP.

With Smart Pest Tech, you will not have to spend a small fortune on your training!! 

Online Meeting

Online Training For Maximum Flexibility

The crash courses are available online, allowing you to complete your program around your busy schedule. No more fighting the traffic or driving across the city to reach the course location.

Staff Meeting

Tailored To Your Learning Rhythm

Follow the course at your own pace and in the comfort of your own place. Use the device that best suits your needs and complete the program with zero stress.

Get One Step Closer To Your Pest Control License Exam Success

Man Listening to Headphones

Audio Course For The Audio-Lovers

If listening to something is the best way to comprehend it, then the audio course version is ideal for your case. Listen to it on the road and use the study sheet to master your learning process.

Visual Course For A Multi-Faceted Experience

The cram courses are also available with full visuals and a voice-over feature to help you get familiar with the pronunciation of difficult terms. You will also get a Q&A Study Sheet plus Study Slides for a complete learning experience.

Choosing a Tree

Why Trust Smart Pest Tech For Your Learning?

User-Friendly Experience Available On All Devices

Affordable Crash Courses To Thrive in The Pest Control Industry

Short Yet Insightful Programs Packed With Practical Information


The Ultimate Destination For Your Pest Control & Termite License

Smart Pest Tech offers online cram courses for both the H.P.C. (Household Pest Control) pest control license and the W.D.O. (Wood Destroying Organism) termite license exams, depending on your field of operation.

Credit Card Purchase

Affordable Course Bundles

Make well-thought purchases with our special bundle offers !! 

You'll save money that way !! 

Student in Library

Focus On What Matters

Our cram courses get to the point of the subject, highlighting only the worth-mentioning topics to help you pass your license exams.

Spraying a Wheat Field

Advance Your Pest Control Career

Whether you are just kick starting your career in pest control or wish to enhance your skillset as a manager, these courses are a powerful asset.

S.P.T. is The Key To Passing Your Pest Control & Termite License Exams

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