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How to outsmart a Rat in your home?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

In addition to being unpleasant to look at, mice carry diseases and pose a health risk to the people you love.

They can be incredibly destructive - chewing on walls, insulation, and electrical wires. If you want to take back your home, the only option is to know how to spot the smart mouse in your home?

Here are nine techniques that have succeeded in achieving them:

How do you bring out a clever mouse in your home?

1. When possible, eliminate the food source, even for one night

When the food resource available to the rat disappears (i.e. via sanitation) or when the number of rats exceeds the availability of food, the rat no longer has the option to discard foods, new or old. With a lack of immediate food, mice are more likely to turn to your bait or the bait in the trap.

2. Play Gourmet Option

Lure the rat to a new bait station or mousetrap by offering tasty food such as fresh meat, fish, shrimp, or some similar, high-quality food. This is not the time to buy your own baits cheaply. Returns are expensive. Place the bait in a small aisle that leads to the bait station or snap trap, as well as at the edges of the device. As the rat gets used to the trail and area, it must eventually interact with the controller.

3. A prerequisite for the mouse

Leave small pieces of food on both sides, next to and over an unmarked trap. This way, the rat will learn to associate the food with the new object. Once feeding begins, set the trap. When using the bait station, put a small amount of tempting food in the entry way, smear the door area a little, and put some bait inside the station.

4. Try the natural bait

For elusive rats that use both the exterior and interior of buildings, try decreasing the rat's hater response by offering them a natural food. For Norwegian rats, American cockroaches can be attached to traps using dental floss. For roof rats, cutting snails or snail shells attached to stimuli has been shown to be effective.

5. Disguise your traps

Hide the surprise trap by filling an empty carton of soda (containing four cans of six packs) with sawdust. Bury the mousetrap under the sawdust. Lay out a tempting food path that leads to the box, then place the food on top of the sawdust including just above the trigger. Once the rat is used to the box and actively taking in the food, install only one food piece directly on the trap actuator and set the trap. When using glue trays, use the larger size and install the trays along the mice aisles, but keep them covered or use plastic wrap over the glue. Once traces of mice are visible over the covered glue trap, remove the cover. Make sure the glue trap is attached to the surface in some way.

6. Identify the rarest resource mice

Does the rat have a lot of food, but not a lot of water? Install liquid grafts. Or perhaps soft nesting material (very important for rodents) is not available. Nesting material (strips of cloth) can be used as bait around traps in the manner described above for food bait.

7. Install the sniper

A sniper who lies quietly waiting at night is often used to take out pesky mice. In persistent cases, this is actually one of the most cost-effective approaches.

8. Use tracing powders

Tracking powders have one of their biggest aids against mice with harmful effects. Tracking powder can be placed in suspected runways, potential burrow openings, and other areas where a rat might travel. Make sure to use the above mentioned tracing powders for use around buildings against mice.


9. Use a video camera

Camcorders with low-light options and wide-angle lenses can be installed overnight in those areas where elusive mice are suspected of being active. The camera might record the rat's covert behaviors and provide clues to trapping the rat, or have the sniper monitor the optimal position. With elusive mice, it is wise to invest time in advance. Otherwise, these mice will cause expensive reconnections. The methods discussed above are much more effective than smearing peanut butter or tying a piece of hot dog in a trap, and hope for the best, but they are often your only tools for beating the last "smart" mice.

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