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How do you catch a mouse in your home?

Updated: May 18, 2022

If you see one mouse, chances are that there is a family of them hiding near your property. This is why you need to take action immediately when you see any potential signs of mice. This is due to the fact that if one mouse manages to find a way into your house, others will surely follow. Additionally, since mice reproduce so rapidly, it is essential to stop them in their tracks before a full invasion occurs. Here are 6 quick and easy ways to get rid of the mice in your home.

Look for any entry points

Before you commit to any treatments, it is important that you first get to the source of these mice's entry into your home. Look for common signs of where mice may be most active. You can usually tell if a mouse is active in an area by looking for obvious signs such as droppings or tracks. To properly seal any gaps and to ensure entry points are properly clogged, install weather strips at the bottom of exterior doors to keep rodents out.

Set the right mouse trap

Mousetraps are an essential way to get rid of mice that have entered your home. When placing mousetraps, it is important to think strategically, as this will determine the effectiveness of your traps. Place traps in more vulnerable areas of your home, such as walls and behind litter boxes. When choosing the right traps for your home, it's important to remember that there are a variety of different mousetraps to choose from, each with variations in price, function, and design.

How do you catch a mouse in your home?

Here are some of the most common mouse traps to consider:

Catch traps

This is the most cost-effective trap that is readily available at your local hardware store or department store. The trap uses a quick trigger system to catch the mice easily. When used correctly, mousetraps can effectively control mice quickly, making them an effective method for controlling entire groups of mice.

Electric traps

These traps lure mice into the chamber system before providing them with an electric shock. These mousetraps are safe for both humans and pets, as they are specifically designed to deal with the target pest.

Live fishing traps

As the name indicates, these traps are meant to catch the live mice. The way these live traps work is by having a specific room or cage with a trigger-activated door, which will not reopen until you release the captured rodents. It is absolutely necessary to check these traps regularly, in order to deal with the mouse problem in a humane manner.

Choose the right bait for your traps

In order to increase the effectiveness of these mousetraps, a good bait source is required. If you don't have any allergy concerns, peanut butter is the most popular and affordable option for rat bait. If you have a potential allergy to peanuts/peanut butter, you can also use cheese, bird seeds, or nuts to lure mice into the trap.

Garage cleaning

Mice will search for any entry point into your property including your garage. This is because the warmth of your engine makes living in your garage the perfect escape from the awkward Canadian winters.

If you see any sign of mice in your garage, it should be taken care of immediately because once mice start chewing on wires in your hood; it can seriously damage your car or even create a dangerous situation for you while on the road. To reduce any potential rat infestation of your garage, put out a few traps to rule out any unwanted pests. If there are holes or entry points into your home through your garage, make sure they are airtight and pest-resistant.

If the garage is also used for storage, do not store items on the ground. It is also important to keep your shelves well organized to prevent nesting and harboring. If litter boxes are kept in the garage, make sure that the lids are always securely attached and that the litter boxes are not overflowing.

Maintain proper sanitation

Since mice have a unique ability to survive on a limited amount of food per day, leaving stray food or crumbs around your home can provide an attractive option for mice. Clean your floors and wipe down any surfaces to ensure that all debris and any evidence of food and crumbs are removed in both the kitchen and pantry area. If you have pets, be sure to clean their feeding area immediately after use, as this is one of the main food sources that may attract mice.

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