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How much time do you spend with a customer at service?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The difference between a high-quality exterminator and a low-quality exterminator is that you will notice a huge variance in the amount of time they spend in your home.

The quota companies won't give your home and your questions the attention they need. If they're only there about five to 10 minutes and they offload your questions, they may be driven by the unrealistic number of visits they have to make per day in exchange for really spending the time developing a relationship with you, with their customer. If they can't even answer your basic questions, how do you think the job they're doing will go? Right, not good.

A regular general pest control visit will take no less than 20 minutes. And your pest control technician should be able to stop by and answer all of your questions until both of you are satisfied with identifying the pest problem and finding a mutual solution.

Eighty percent of companies say they provide "superior" customer service, yet only 8% of people believe these same companies provide "super" customer service.

Customer Service Statistics:

  • Getting the new customer costs 6-7 times more than keeping an existing one

  • According to the consumers, customer service agents fail to answer their questions 50% of the time

  • Resolve the complaint in favor of the customer and they will deal with you again 70% of the time

  • For every customer who bothers to file a complaint, another 26 customers stay silent

  • The news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many azan reach more than twice as many praise for good service

  • The two most important reasons for losing customers are: 1) customers feel badly treated, and 2) fail to solve the problem in time

  • Ninety-one percent of unsatisfied customers will not willingly do business with you again

  • Three out of five Americans will try a new brand or company for better customer service

  • Seven out of the ten Americans said they would spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service

Tips to improve your team's customer service:

Set the right expectations

A recent review of a large pest control company revealed that most customer cancellations were somehow caused by unmet expectations. Many of the best companies we've worked with ask for permission during the sale to contact the customer after the first follow-up treatment.

During this initial call, they make sure the customer is happy, and then restate one or two essential elements of their service and what the customer should expect. We recommend doing this after the first 2-3 services and with each additional call, one or two additional essential elements of your service are re-elaborated.

Help the customer understand that pest control is not pest eradication, how the return policy works and what they can expect from you along the way. These 2 to 3 additional touches, calls, or calls during the first several months of a customer's life are invaluable in helping you gain long-term customer loyalty.

Be careful with returning services

When a customer calls and asks for a service back, they're basically not getting the results they want from your service. This is the critical fork in the road for pest control companies.

Most of the pest control companies we worked with did not create much incentive for their technicians to be thorough in re-service. They schedule these re-services when they come in, they send the technology out, and they hope that takes care of the problem. However, if the technician is in a hurry and limited efforts do not solve the problem, most customers will now feel that you have let them down twice in a row. They will now have less confidence in your company and will be less likely to continue serving.

Studies have shown that the most loyal customers are not those customers who have not had problems with their service. The most loyal customers are those who have encountered an issue that was effectively dealt with by their service provider. So, when a customer calls you back for service, this is your chance to shine and turn your customer into a raving fan.

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