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How to keep spiders webs from webbing the outside of the home?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Natural ways to keep spiders webs from webbing the outside of the home

Given that a pest control agent may use harmful chemicals that may have side effects on you and your family, ridding yourself of these pests through these means may not always be the answer. So, this means that the organic options are the healthiest.

1. Seal cracks in walls

The easiest way to get rid of spiders is to prevent them from entering the house. To do this, you need to know how these fearsome reptiles get into the house. The most common way spiders can get into your home is through small cracks and gaps in doors and windows. You can prevent spiders from getting into your home simply by using caulking on the edges of windows and on any cracks in the doors. Use the caulk on wires and cables that lead outside. Use wire mesh around any openings such as vents or a chimney. This should keep them out of the house in most cases.

2. Turn off the lights

In most cases, the spiders actively enter your home in search of food. These insects are most commonly attracted to lights, so be sure to turn off all outdoor lights after a reasonable hour. For interior lights, try using dimmer filters or yellow sodium vapor lamps. This will keep most insects away, and thus spiders.

3. Get rid of clutter

When you think about how to clean spider webs from the home, cleanliness is key again. Just as outside: with plants and leaves, a clutter-free inside helps remove spiders' hiding spots. Make sure you keep throwing away piles of stray newspapers, unwashed clothes, and other clutter-friendly items. This will not give them any place to hide. Upon seeing you, you can simply drive the spiders out of your house.

4. Remove those plants

Spiders hide in plants, leaves and stones. Remove these items from near the entrances to your home and they shouldn't often have a place to hide. Spiders are not the bravest or most common insects. They usually hide, trap and also eat their prey. Remove vegetation near your home's doors and windows to make sure they don't get inside your home.

5. Dust regularly

When you think about how to remove spider webs, the classic method works best. Dust your house and clean it regularly. This does not allow the spider to build a web. This reduces their hunting methods, thus preventing them from staying in your home. Remove their ability to hunt and kill their prey and they will take refuge in new hunting grounds. Dusting regularly not only keeps nets away, but also ensures that other insects that attract items from your home are cleaned, keeping prey away as well.

6. Clean those dishes

Preventing prey is the best way to prevent a hunter from getting into your home. Dirty dishes are often an insect equal to a feast. Keeping these dirty dishes around will attract flies, mosquitoes, and other reptiles. This is like putting a five-course meal in front of a spider and asking to eat for free. Wash those dishes right away and you'll save yourself some trouble.

7. Get rid of leftovers

Another reason for bugs to gather in your home could be the amount of food left. Eat your filler food and refrigerate or dispose of leftovers, possibly outside. Leftover food attracts many insects that carry diseases and infections, including spiders that hunt insects for food. Aside from general hygiene, making sure that there are no leftovers left in the house also prevents spider infestation.

8. Peppermint Spray

Peppermint essential oils are readily available at most e-commerce websites and local stores. They are the worst enemy of spiders. Fill a regular spray bottle with water, and then add 25 drops of peppermint essential oil. Spray this all over your house, on your furniture and curtains as well. This will send those spiders running in the opposite direction of your home.

9. Eucalyptus oil

Similar to the peppermint essential oils, spiders cannot tolerate eucalyptus. Eucalyptus essential oils have the large number of benefits. They fight colds and help remove toxins from the pores of the body. One unknown benefit of using eucalyptus essential oils at home is that it prevents spider infestations. Simply use the above technique for peppermint essential oils and replace the peppermint with eucalyptus or add it to your peppermint mixture. This will make your house anti-spider.

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