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Who is the pest control customer?

Updated: May 18, 2022

Demand for pest control services is everywhere. From insecticides that keep mosquitoes away in remote areas to termite removal to protect a home's real estate value, pest control work is in high demand. In addition, the industry is experiencing rapid growth thanks to climate change and urban sprawl as cities increasingly encroach on more rural areas.

The pest control industry is expected to be worth over $28 billion by 2026

Public health protectors

A decade ago, that description would not come to mind if you asked homeowners why they hired a pest control company. They were talking about ants and termites of course. They may emphasize using referrals to find a provider - or searching online for a provider rather than the yellow pages. But before now, public interest pest control companies as public health advocates were not a circulating message in the media or among consumers buying the service.

The results of a 2016 study indicated that people are already concerned with public health, and see the pest control industry as having a positive impact in this area. In fact, the 78 percent of respondents agreed that pest control professionals protect public health. Meanwhile, 80% agreed that the services protect their homes and property.

The best way to find the new pest control customers

Finding new customers for pest control is important to the growth of a business. However, the challenge for your company is to help potential clients understand the scope of the pest problem, and then make them aware of the value of your service.

Here is an overview of some of the best strategies, insights, and tips to help you find new pest control clients.

Take advantage of search engine marketing

The majority of people with pest problem now go to the internet to search for treatments. Thus, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising are good opportunities for communication.

SEO stems from the successful creation and distribution of blog posts and other content that resonates with potential clients. With paid search, you can target potential customers with specific keywords that match the common search intent of people who pay for pest control services. Filter the audience to identify people in your geographic area who have certain traits.

Solicit and manage customer feedback

People's first impression when searching for pest control is the Google™ reviews that appears of top local providers. This initial impression of the review makes or breaks your chances of entering the consideration set. Therefore, you want to encourage satisfied customers to post feedback and address negative feedback.

Take advantage of email and other communication channels to get feedback on your customer experiences and request reviews on Google and other platforms. Immediately respond to negative feedback with a professional, respectful, and honest message about your desire to satisfy customers.

Define quality prospects and deliver campaigns

Email and direct mail are effective communication channels for promoting pest control services if you are targeting the right people. Pest problems rarely affect only one property in a commercial or residential area. Often the problem affects the neighborhood or the wider community. Therefore, the best place to start prospecting is with property owners who are close to existing clients.

Data Axle Genie can help you identify target audiences in specific cities, zip codes, or through custom borders on a map. Enhance your targeting by selecting leads based on home value and length of stay. Go further by focusing on homeowners or renters, and even identifying families with children and pets.

Decide when to run your campaign

Pest control issues are often seasonal. For example, spiders and other outdoor insects like to come indoors when the weather turns cold, or when summer turns into fall. Thus, an effective mailer ahead of this schedule can inspire people who have experienced problems in the past to proactively address them in the upcoming season.

Repeat your campaign receipt because it takes more than one view of the message in many cases to prompt a response.


These are some of the best strategies to help you target new pest control clients with the right message at the right time.

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