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How much money can you make in pest control working for a company?

Updated: May 18, 2022

Average hourly rate for pest control technicians

On average, what is the salary for a pest control technician in the United States? Data analysis shows that the average hourly rate for pest control technicians in the United States is $18.10 an hour.

This works out to the average annual salary of $36,200.

However, remember that this is just an average. It includes salaries listed in both high living areas (eg cities) and low cost of living (eg rural areas).

Looking closely at the data, the state with the highest average hourly rate is Alaska, with an average hourly rate of $20.74.

The state with the lowest average hourly rate is Utah, where job listings display an average wage of $13.65.

Average rate by state

While looking at the big picture of the pest control industry is helpful, zooming in to state level can give you a better sense of what the industry looks like on a case-by-case basis.

Below are average hourly rates in each state.

As noted, these data include both high and low amounts and across a variety of loci.

With that in mind, knowing your average hourly amounts (and combining these numbers with other data) should help you understand which countries pay more and which ones pay less.

Salary range for pest control technicians

Another way to break down the data is to look at the range of wages offered. Since the average rate includes both high and low numbers (which, at times, can skew averages), looking at the full spectrum of salaries offered can give you a better idea of ​​what pest control technician jobs pay.

This analysis gives us a low mark and a high mark of what a pest control technician might expect in a given situation.

Across the United States, the average hourly rate for pest control technician’s ranges from $6.73 (many states) on the low end all the way to $44.71 (VA) on the higher end.

Pest control technician jobs pay $55,000 a year or more

When we only look at hourly rates, it can be hard to tell what kind of annual salary a pest control technician might make. A little math is required to figure out what an hourly salary looks like on an annual basis. Translating hourly rates into annual salaries can give you a better idea of ​​what you might get in a given year.

Based on data from Indeed, we found that they divided pest control job opportunities into salary groups. It was the highest-grossing bucket list advertising an annual salary of over $55,000 per year.

In the following columns, we list the number of jobs posted within each state with an average salary of over $55,000 per year. We also list the total percentage of all jobs listed in each state that pay more than $55,000 per year.

Note: There were several countries for which we were unable to obtain the necessary data.

Florida has the highest total number of listed jobs paying over $55,000 annually with a total of 185 listings. However, Alabama has the highest percentage of listed jobs that pay more than $55,000 annually at 33.33%. (These are 60 jobs that pay more than $55,000 of the total 180 plumbing jobs found in our analysis.)

Cities with the highest pest control salaries in every state

Within each state, there is generally a large range of payments, with pay often dependent on the cost of living in a particular area. The truth is that jobs in big cities tend to offer higher salaries than those in rural areas.

This means that as a pest control technician, you may want to go beyond just looking at state and state salaries. It can be useful to look at salaries offered in specific cities to see what is offered in more densely populated areas.

In addition to identifying the states that pay the highest average amount, we also identified the cities that pay the most within each state. In other words, if you are a pest control technician working in that city, you are likely to earn more than most other technicians in your state.

The following data lists the cities within each state that have the highest average salary listed. Analysis reveals that the Cherry Hill, NJ has the highest average hourly rate at $31.18 per hour. The city with the lowest average hourly rate is Bozeman, Montana (the city in Montana with the highest average hourly rate), with an average hourly rate of $16.54.

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