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How do you get rid of the German roach in a restaurant?

Updated: May 18, 2022

How do you get rid of the German roach in a restaurant?

Cockroaches are a nuisance to many industries. They transmit germs, diseases, and health hazards to every business they reside in. Unfortunately for the restaurant industry, cockroaches are infested more than usual due to increased opportunities for food, water and shelter. While cockroaches can be handled inside restaurants, it is important that restaurant owners remain informed and proactive to prevent pests from becoming an infestation. For those who would like to know the best way to get rid of cockroaches in restaurant facilities, this guide can help navigate that information.

Why do restaurants usually suffer from cockroach infestations?

There are many reasons why a restaurant suffers from a cockroach infestation. Fortunately, most problems can be resolved easily.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of factors that may cause cockroaches to be attracted to your restaurant:

· Poor food storage: Food is not stored properly in airtight containers or in insect-resistant areas.

· Proper disposal: Food waste is left and not disposed of once it is finished.

· Dirty surfaces and dishes: Cockroaches are attracted to surfaces and dishes that are not cleaned properly and regularly. These items should not be left soiled overnight.

· Maintenance and cleaning is not carried out: Spills, accidents, and public areas that have not been cleaned often accumulate and attract cockroaches.

· Non-reporting: There is under-reporting from staff when cockroaches are seen.

Why is it important for restaurants to act fast?

Since cockroaches carry a large number of germs and diseases, it is necessary to keep them outside the establishment. In addition, the presence of cockroaches can spoil the reputation of your restaurant, which can lead to business losses in the long run. Since one egg carton can hold 20-40 eggs and they can hatch within a month, it is important to act quickly. These hatched eggs can reproduce within six weeks, leading to an invasion before you know it.

What are the common signs to look for to determine if your facility has a cockroach infestation?

· Egg shells: Cockroach shells appear as small black, brown, or dark red shells.

· Small Litter: Cockroach droppings are like tiny black pepper granules.

· Strong, oily odors: This is often described as a pungent, pungent odor that gets worse as the infection continues.

Here are the most common areas where cockroaches can be found in or near the kitchen:

· trash cans

· washbasins

· floor drains

· kitchen tools

· wall voids

· electrical outlets

· electrical boxes

· Hollow tubes on device legs, crevices, crevices or voids.

What is the best way to control the German Roach in the food establishment?

Prevent entry points

· Seal the holes in the walls and keep the doors closed as much as possible to prevent cockroaches from entering the restaurant.

· Ensure that staff checks food shipments for signs of cockroaches before leaving the shipment inside.

· Eliminate sources of food, water and shelter

· Store food away from walls and at least six inches off the floor to prevent roaches from crawling onto the food.

· Lock equipment to the ground or raise it at least six inches above establishing and maintaining sanitation standards; Dispose of garbage and keep garbage containers clean.

· Do not leave boxes on the floor. It's OK to bring and unpack the boxes, but don't leave them there. Cockroaches, especially German cockroaches, tend to travel and lay eggs in crates. This allows any live cockroaches to roam around the kitchen and lay additional eggs to hatch and invade the kitchen. After the restaurant staff is finished unpacking, take the boxes out, disassemble them, and put them in the appropriate garbage container

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