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H.P.C. Full Course


"H.P.C. Full Course" The cram courses has full visuals and a voice-over feature to help you get familiar with the pronunciation of difficult terms. You will also get a Study Sheet plus Study Slides for a complete learning experience. Topics includes: 1. What is a pest? 2. Developing history of Pest 3. Summary of the Pest anatomy 4. Morphological features of Pest 5. What is a stored product Pest 6. Major economy loss due to stored product Pest 7. Types of stored product Pest 8. The anatomy & behavior of some stored product Pest 9. Structured pest control management 10. Structured pest control policies 11. Procedures of pesticide 12. Standard rules and regulations of pest control 13. Definition of Pest (Roach's Ant's, Rat's, Bedbug's, Spiders, Flies, Bees and much more... *Don't forget to download the rules and regulations in your state*


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