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Full W.D.O. Course


The W.D.O. Full Course The cram courses has full visuals and a voice-over feature to help you get familiar with the pronunciation of difficult terms. You will also get a Study Sheet plus Study Slides for a complete learning experience. This course will cover, identifying wood-destroying beetles and their damage and learn about them elaborately. Topics to be covered 1) Wood Boring Beetles 2) POWDERPOST BEETLES: Family Lyctidae 3) False Powder Post Beetle: Family Bostrichidae 4) Comparison Between The True Powderpost Beetle & The False Powderpost Beetle 5) DEATHWATCH BEETLES: Family Anobiidae 6) OLD HOUSE BORER: Family Cerambycidae 7) ROUNDHEADED OR LONG-HORNED BORERS 8) FLATHEAD BORERS In this second half of the course , you will learn about termites and their usage and subterranean termite treatment calculation. Topics to be covered 9) TERMITES 10) SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE 11) BIOLOGY OF SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE 12) IDENTIFICATION 13) PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF SUBTERRANEAN TERMITES 14) Calculations for subterranean termite treatment *Don't forget to download the rules and regulations in your state*


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