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How can bed bugs get into the kitchen?

Updated: May 18, 2022

How can bed bugs get into the kitchen?

Pests have long plagued kitchens and pantries. Bed bugs are not necessarily one of them, they prefer the bedroom, but it is possible.

Bed bugs are much more likely to look like bed bugs in the kitchen rather than the bed bugs themselves. We explain where bed bugs can live in kitchens, what attracts bed bugs, and how to kill them.

Do bed bugs live in kitchens?

When bed bugs choose a place to live, there are several considerations.

Require proximity to the host. They need to move easily from their hiding place to where you can sleep. At the very least, they need a place where you sit for long periods of time. Preferably within six feet of where you sleep.

It also requires a hidden place. Bed bugs cause photophobia, which means that they do not like light. If they see light, they quickly scatter and hide. That's because sunlight leaves them exposed, and they are easy to find and crush. So they prefer narrow, dark and hidden spaces.

It is possible that your kitchen does not meet these standards. While there will be plenty of hidden spaces, there will be nowhere for bed bugs to feed. Ease of feeding is the primary criterion by which they choose their hiding places.

However, it is possible that they live in kitchens. According to PLoS One, a high percentage of bed bugs do not live in beds, and they move around frequently around the house. This can be demonstrated by using interceptor traps.

Some apartments and houses are so badly infested that there is no room left in the bedroom. When this occurs, bed bugs look for other hiding places elsewhere in the house. In this scenario, they might opt ​​for the kitchen.

There is also the possibility that the kitchen and bedroom share a wall. If bed bugs get into a wall, for example, through a crevice, some of them may nest inside the kitchen. But this scenario is unlikely.

Can bed bugs live in kitchen cupboards?

Kitchen cabinets mark two boxes: they are enclosed spaces that are usually dark. When choosing a new sanctuary (a place to hide), bed bugs look for red, brown and black colors, as this indicates darkness.

Also, if they are cabinets, drawers, or cabinets that you don't use often, they won't be bothered as much. When bed bugs are bothered by light, they scatter. The lower the staircase is opened, the more time they will have to live in it.

However, you are still not likely to find any bed bugs in your kitchen cupboards. This is because they are very far from their host, i.e. you.

Do bed bugs live in kitchen appliances?

Bed bugs are known to live in appliances and electronics. The only thing they like is warmth. The warmth allows them to digest, mate, and grow faster. Speeds-up the metabolism.

They also love cracks and dark crevices. Lots of these are on display both inside and outside of your kitchen appliances. Again, you're not likely to find it here because your kitchen is too far from your bedroom.

Do bed bugs live under the kitchen table?

They are more likely to live on the kitchen table somewhere, at least more likely than in the kitchen cupboard.

Bed bugs like to live in furniture for the following reasons:

· It provides a lot of cracks and hiding places, for example, wood joints

· It provides places dark enough for bed bugs on the underside

· It's close to a place where people sit for long periods of time

You can even make the table more attractive to bedding by covering it with a piece of cloth. This will make the space under the table darker, and therefore better for bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the kitchen

If you happen to have bed bugs in your kitchen, it is difficult to get rid of them. Bed bugs are notorious for being hard to kill, and for the good reason. This is especially the case if you have tried DIY methods for killing bed bugs.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each bed bug treatment method, and how they apply to killing the bed bugs in your kitchen.

Rent a pest control device to kill bed bugs in the kitchen

Using a pest control device is the best way to kill bed bugs. There are two ways a pest control can do this. They are through the use of pesticides, and through heat treatment.

Insecticides have been used for more than a century to control pests. The most common bed bug insecticide is Permethrin. It kills on the contact, but bed bugs are good at hiding. Therefore, it takes time for them to deal with it all.

It might be a bad idea to use pesticides in your kitchen. Permethrin is generally considered safe, unless you take large amounts of it. You should avoid spraying it anywhere you eat or bring it.

How to treat bed bugs in your kitchen

DIY bed bug treatments aren't nearly as effective as pest controls, but they can still kill bed bugs. There are both natural and artificial treatment methods. Many of the suggestions by online blogs are ineffective.

These three work to some extent:

· Portable pesticide sprayers. These contain the same pesticides as pesticides, so they should not be used in the kitchen.

· Diatomaceous earth. This is a powder that scrapes and dries bed bug scales. It's safe to use diatomaceous earth around food, but it works out gradually and should be replaced.

· Interception of bed bugs and bait. This is a bed bug lure. It is usually placed around the bedroom furniture, not in the kitchen, and it would be difficult to use it.

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